About Us

We aim towards becoming one the leading theatre and productions companies in Malawi and Africa collectively. We aspire towards creating content that furthers the dialogue of supporting our girl and boy children through media productions, social events and charity efforts (primarily towards our children’s wards and tuition fees assistance programs which we support through financial returns from our productions).

What We Do

Film Production

One of major cornerstones as a production company are films. We believe telling stories and showing the world the different aspects of Malawi and the African dialogue which is usually synonymous. Such as our premiering film, Belinda, we hope to spark constructive conversations within the communities and social political spaces that affect all Malawians, especially young children and mothers who are usually not spoken for and left marginalized.

Stage Plays

In appreciation for one of Malawi’s most fond and oldest mediums, we enjoy creating dynamic theatrical stage plays with underlying messages of women empowerment, social politics and other factors affecting our society collectively.


Regardless of stipulations as "one of Africa's poorest countries", we are a country which basks in humor. We enjoy satirical and educative views we get from comedies and as Remnant Lions Theatre we continue to strive to provide content which engages our audiences on that level.

Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Initiatives

As a continuing effort to support our local communities, especially marginalized children and the education sector; we provide school tuition support to children who are unable to continue their education due to fee’s and other resources such as school bags and utensils of which we provide from the proceeds we gain from your viewership and support.

Artist Development

Malawi has one of the largest untapped pool of potentially great artist who simply need guidance and direction towards their professional career greatness as artists. We therefore have ongoing programs which aim to education, inform and empower these artist with tools that allow them to strive further than the diaspora through their arts. With professionals specialized in film directing, acting, stage design, audio engineering and much more; we strive to help our future generation of artist and  creators to continue telling their creative stories and perspectives of Malawi to the rest of the world.